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We carry an extensive collection of authentic African clothing, ethnic men's apparel, ethnic arts and crafts, and afrocentric accessories. TeKay Designs promotes the rich African culture with a refreshing diversity of upscale and elegant styles! 

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We feature African and ethnic clothing that are carefully hand made by our designers, embroiderers, and tailors in various countries world wide including the U.S., West Africa (Ghana and Cote D'Ivoire), Mexico, Brazil and India.  Appealing to a global audience, we source rich and hand made fabrics, lace and beaded trim from South America, Asia and Africa. 

A keeper of tradition, TeKay Designs unveils Afrocentric and hand embroidered bridal, formal, and traditional clothing for women and men.  Ethnic arts, crafts and accessories compliment the Sankofa collection and the Gold Collection.  The diverse and sumptuous legacy of African heritage is seen in the richness in our textiles, forms, patterns, and embroideries.

Majority of our ethnic clothing are custom made to order based on measurements provided.  We generally do not carry inventory or have items in stock unless stated on our order form or confirmed via e-mail.  Please provide your measurements with your order.  See our sizing chart and measurement questionnaire for details.

We provide African wedding gowns, African attire for the bride and groom, ethnic bridal collection, African men's suits, African men's shirts, African men's vests, ethnic clothing for men and women.

We use a variety of fabrics of African, Oriental and Western descent including Adinkra symbols to make the vast collection of clothing shown on this website.  If you would like an Adinkra symbol embroidered onto one of the garments on this website, please send us an email with the name of the symbol, the product id of the item you would like it embroidered onto, location of the embroidery, embroidery color, Size, and date to receive the item.

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I received the wedding outfits today. Myself and my fiance are very pleased and satisfied with the outfits. My fiance said that her outfit fitted well, I was not permitted to see her in it until the wedding day, so I could only tell you what she said. (smile) My outfit fits very well too.  We are pleased.

Mark McAulay
Product ID: TK535A, TK535B


Your Afrocentric clothing is truly beautiful!  Flexible for multiple uses,  yet completely stunning in any social situation!  Thank you for allowing me to dress in a manner showing pride in my heritage at a reasonable cost.
- Steven Whitehurst


Just want to thank you for sending my dress in time... it was beautiful, different and just about everyone especially my husband complimented me on it.  The dress was comfortable and it helped to make my day a memorable one.

Thank You so much and keep up the excellent work!

Thanking You
Stephan & Latoya

Product ID BC26

The word "Sankofa" means "Going Back To Your Roots"; "We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward and understand why and how we came to be who we are today."

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